Comprehesive Security Infrastructure for ePass, Residence Permits, National eIDs and Visas.

The issuer of identity documents bears also responsibility for their security. When opening borders, it is still possible to control reliably who passes these borders. Here, it is an advantage if you are able to use the full potential of modern ID documents: digital storage of personal data on the integrated RF-chip, for instance, allows for automated border controls and establishing mobile control-scenarios. But before these new processes can be implemented, 194 states worldwide must exchange information such as certificates with each other – and that for an estimated number of one billion flight-passengers per year, in addition to the travellers on land and sea.

So in order to enable the visible processes to become remarkably faster, more flexible and even more secure, a complex (security) infrastructure is demanded in the background.

The secunet eID PKI Suite embeds identity documents into a high security infrastructure. This is the best protection against manipulation and unauthorised access and it enables border controls to utilise the full potential of modern electronic ID documents.